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Sun Fast provides offshore materials sourcing for the construction industry.

For over 30 years Sun Fast has been a trusted strategic sourcing agent for the construction industry. We know the value of quality manufacturing and value-added service. We use our extensive worldwide connections and source only the best construction component manufacturers available to provide superior offshore services. These highly efficient manufacturers provide the best services in the industry  and guarantee their work to meet your product requirements.

The offshore industry has a long history of successful partnerships with the construction market. Our network of contract manufacturers specializes in everything from casting and stamping products to pipe flashing. We understand the difficulty of finding reliability and quality in construction parts fabrication. Let Sun Fast work for you to reduce your overall cost and streamline your production with speed and efficiency. 

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Offshore Manufacturing Lowers Construction Costs 

Offshore manufacturing allows for lower construction costs. This is due to a variety of reasons including:

  • Lower labor costs – Offshore manufacturing labor costs have been, and will continue to be lower than domestic labor costs.
  • Less expensive raw materials - Raw materials can be acquired at a lower cost due to the manufacturer’s proximity to the source of the material. They are the same high-quality materials that are found domestically, but cost less due to the logistical advantages that offshore manufacturing provides.

How Sun Fast Can Help

Our offshore manufacturing facilities and strategic sourcing processes have the capabilities to improve your business. Whether you are looking for precision machining services for small parts within a machine or larger sand casted pieces for bigger, heavy machinery we can help you source the following:

Sun Fast also provides turnkey project management for the construction industry. We offer manufacturing consultation, inventory management, shipping/distribution, and more to take your project from start to finish, quickly and cost-effectively. Let us handle the demanding work that goes into construction industry part production. This will give you the freedom to concentrate on other important aspects of your construction business. 

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Strategic Sourcing: Materials

When dealing with construction equipment, the highest quality and most reliable materials are essential. One of our main concerns in strategic sourcing is finding people capable of working with the materials you need to complete your construction project. We are always expanding our capabilities and are constantly exploring new sources for materials as well as new offshore construction companies. Construction materials we commonly work with include, but are not limited to:

  • Steel: 1003~1040 Carbon Steel, High Strength Alloy Steel, Pre-galvanized Steel
  • Gray Iron
  • Malleable Iron
  • Ductile Iron
  • Aluminum
  • Brass
  • Copper
  • Wide variety of surface finishes 

Past Work

Product: Torque Off Bolts

Material: Medium Carbon Alloy Steel

Application: Seismic Construction

Process: Cold heading and machining

Finish: Plain and zinc plated

Critical requirements: The tight hardness tolerance of the bolt must be maintained within (HRC 45~47) to secure the support while the head of the bolt must be torqued off when 37~40 ft/lb torque is applied during installation.

The Problem: A customer ran into trouble trying to source consistent quality torque off bolts at a reasonable price.

Solution: By using Sun Fast's offshore construction industry services, along with the help of our bolt manufacturer’s in-house heat treatment facility, we introduced a special blend of medium carbon alloy steel. As a result, we have been supplying the customer with consistent high-quality torque off bolts for over 10 years!

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