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Outsourced Manufacturing

Finding the right trading partner, overseas supplier, and offshore sourcing agent to help your company grow and improve its profits is a challenging, time-consuming task, that can be filled with uncertainty and risk. Questions about quality, inventory management, timeliness, certifications, and controls make finding a reliable offshore part & component sourcing agent a difficult proposition. Language barriers, customs, financing, and time differences make the process of finding a dependable sourcing agent even more complex.

This is where Sun Fast International can help. We have the capabilities to find an offshore part & component sourcing agent that will precisely fit your unique needs.

Offshore Outsourcing Expertise

For over 40 years, we’ve worked as a sourcing agent, helping companies locate the right offshore manufacturers for their import and export opportunities. Far more than just a broker or a “middle man,” we provide value-added offshore sourcing agent services, including the expertise to minimize your risks and streamline your supply chain. Sun Fast closes the gap between overseas suppliers and domestic manufacturers.

Contact Sun Fast International for more information on our offshore part & component sourcing agent services, or submit a project for a complimentary price quote.

Just-In-Case Inventory Outsourcing Management Services

Have supply chain problems created significant challenges for your business? Is your company looking to separate itself from the competition by providing reliable and predictable order management? In response to the stresses and frustrations resulting from ever-expanding supply chain difficulties, Sun Fast proudly offers our Just-In-Case order and inventory outsourcing management service platform.

Just-In-Case inventory management services allow your business to stock the SKUs it needs from either of our Sun Fast USA warehouses in California or Indiana. This efficient and trustworthy inventory management platform decreases onsite product stockpiles while providing quick and easy access to your company’s most vital products whenever you need them.

At Sun Fast, we provide a preferred solution for circumventing the ever-increasing problems of nearshore and international supply chain management. To learn more about the benefits Just-In-Case inventory outsourcing management can provide your business, contact us, or give us a call at 714-680-8288 to discuss your specific business needs. 

Offshoring Services

At Sun Fast we offer a wide variety of value added services that will save you time and money in the production process. Our services include:

Offshore Outsourcing Capabilities

Sun Fast International has numerous offshore strategic sourcing capabilities and offers comprehensive, turnkey project management to coordinate every aspect of the strategic sourcing process. Our offshore capabilities include:

Industries Served

Sun Fast International proudly serves a wide range of industrial and commercial OEMs throughout the United States, connecting them with offshore sourcing agents that can provide the first-class manufacturing options they need. Some of the industries we serve, include:

Contact Sun Fast International for your Manufacturing Outsourcing Needs

We look forward to putting our experience, relationships, and contacts to work for you as your offshore sourcing agent. Sun Fast will connect you to a world of opportunities and growth.

Sun Fast International is proud to work with many of the world’s leading organizations across a diverse range of industries.

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