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Details about manufacturing alternatives to China including Vietnam, Indonesia, Cambodia, Thailand, and Malaysia.


Taiwan as a Sourcing Alternative to China

As Chinese tariffs on imported goods continue to climb, many businesses are looking to other manufacturing sources. Taiwan is an excellent and reliable option. As a manufacturing alternative to China, Taiwan offers many benefits, including high-value products, streamlined logistics, and much more.

At Sun Fast, we are dedicated to connecting you to manufacturers in Taiwan as a sourcing alternative to China. Our vast knowledge and strategic network let us link you with the best partner for your unique production. We will make the most of your resources while outsourcing your project, helping you to circumvent high-priced tariffs and increasingly expensive Chinese workforces.

Contact us or call 714-680-8288 today to begin benefiting from using Taiwan as a sourcing alternative to China. A member of our expert team will discuss your order and work through your options.

Taiwan Leads in Manufacturing Intermediate Components

Taiwan is a leading source for manufacturing parts not sold directly to end consumers, making it ideal for sourcing components used to manufacture electronics, automotive assemblies, and more. As a country, Taiwan is nearly three times as productive as China, ranking its GDP per capita among Germany, Austria, and other robust economies.

As a well-established market with an eye on continuous growth, Taiwan is an effective manufacturing alternative to mainland China. The Taiwanese government offers incentives and protections for offshore productions, ensuring high-quality operations and long-lasting relationships. While this sometimes means some costs are more expensive than in China, the final product is more dependable and of a higher caliber.

Markets that Utilize Production Manufacturing in Taiwan

Taiwan manufacturers tend to specialize in components used in larger assemblies, making it a good fit for business-to-business suppliers or OEMs and other manufacturers. The leading industries choosing Taiwan as a sourcing alternative to China include:

The Advantages of Choosing Taiwan for Production Manufacturing

When you select Taiwan as a sourcing alternative to China, you access several key benefits and advantages for your production. While China can sometimes be cheaper, Taiwan makes up for the upfront costs through reliable and high-quality products designed to maximize your overall profit. Other benefits include access to:

  • Experienced IT manufacturers who produce parts for leading international technology companies
  • Self-sufficient practices that create the capability to handle most orders
  • Ability to deliver high-performance and dependable components
  • Logistic competence which minimizes supply chain disruptions or order delays
  • And much more!

Sun Fast is Your Expert Offshore Sourcing Agent in Taiwan & Beyond

Sun Fast specializes in connecting you with the right manufacturers for your planned production. In addition to utilizing Taiwan as a manufacturing alternative to China, we also work with a network of other suppliers throughout Asia. If Taiwan is not your best solution, we can explore options in:

  • Vietnam
  • Philippines
  • Thailand
  • Cambodia
  • Malaysia
  • Indonesia
To learn more about how to choose Taiwan as a manufacturing alternative to China or to explore your other offshore manufacturing options, contact Sun Fast today. Submit your project for direct pricing.