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Supply Chain Management Services

Proper offshore supply chain management allows for the acquisition of the best available products at the best possible prices. With the supported coordination of local suppliers and business resources, supply chain management outsourcing can provide for hassle-free purchasing, handling, storing and shipping of a nearly endless supply of products. In addition, inventory management outsourcing helps to minimize overall costs, while effectively meeting customer demands and operating and maintaining a steady supply chain.

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Intelligent Supply Chain Outsourcing Providers

At Sun Fast International we have the proven capabilities to meet our customer’s offshore supply chain management needs. We have the international offshore connections to meet your demands, while reducing contract and manufacturing costs. All of this is done while providing you with complete transparency of operations and the inventory management outsourcing process. We provide a way to acquire continuous synchronization between product demand and order fulfillment, utilizing the best logistical cutting-edge technologies.

The Benefits of Outsourcing Supply Chain Services 

There are many advantages associated with teaming with a proven supply chain management company like Sun Fast International. We can provide your company with the tools, contacts and resources to thrive for years to come. Some of the main benefits associated with offshore supply chain management, include:

  • Minimized Costs – At Sun Fast we can provide you with the expertise, knowledge, and connections to reduce your overall expenses. We have the logistical connections with other resource providers to develop the most cost-effective plan for you. This includes obtaining the best material pricing, optimized transportation, and increased inventory management.
  • Increased Ability to Meet Customer Demands – A lack of available resources makes it difficult to meet all customer demands, which can create a struggle for building your company’s brand and reputation.
  • Improved Flexibility – When you choose to work with Sun Fast International you will acquire access to all our available resources and extensive contacts. This means that your company will have the capabilities to grow exponentially.
  • Increased Business Focus – When your offshore supply chain management is handled by Sun Fast, it will allow you to focus on other areas of your business that may have been neglected. Some of these areas, include improving customer relations, marketing, increasing your customer base, developing new ideas and more. This new allocation of time to other areas of your business could lead to an overall increase of production and improved success over the long haul.
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Offshore Supply Chain Management Processes 

Proper supply chain management outsourcing involves collaborative work between buyers and suppliers, joint product development, common systems, and shared information. At Sun Fast International we can control this continuous information flow, allowing you to focus on other areas of your business. The following bulleted list contains an example of the aspects of inventory management outsourcing and the processes that are involved in creating a fully customized approach for your business.

  • Manufacturing-flow management
  • Supplier-relationship management
  • Product development and commercialization
  • Returns management
  • Customer-relationship management
  • Customer-service management
  • Demand-management style
  • Order fulfillment

Logistics and Supply Chain Management: Outsourcing vs Insourcing

Outsourcing and insourcing are methods of dispersing work among different departments or companies for strategic reasons. Insourcing is typically done solely from within a company's own operational infrastructure, while outsourcing uses companies not affiliated with the outsourcing company to perform a task. Some of the significant differences between outsourcing and insourcing include the following. 


Insourcing will generally cost more since new processes must be established within the company before any changes can take place. Since outsourcing utilizes an outside company all the concerns and cost associated with the transition are put on them. As a seasoned supply chain management company, we have skilled employees to take care of the logistics involved in the transition process.


An insourced company’s resources are already owned by the company and may dwindle at a moment’s notice. However, a company that is supported with outsourced supply chain management services can have a nearly unlimited amount of resources to provide to their customer base.

Added Employees & Company Control

A company that insources supply management will be required to pay additional employees to handle this area of the business. The company may also be required to pay additional benefits associated with the employment of these workers. Conversely, supply chain management outsourcing allows for the dispersal of extra employment to be handled by the outsourced company.

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