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Import and Export Services

Companies that provide import and export services face the everyday legal provocations of dealing with the laws and rules that govern this industry. Since each country worldwide has its unique laws that regulate outsourcing export services and import services, the legality surrounding how a private company deals with these laws can be confusing and overwhelming.

Not being familiar with the laws of a country that you would like to conduct business with often results in imports and exports being held in customs for an indefinite amount of time. Export-import logistics management offers the benefits of having a knowledgeable import-export service provider handle these challenging aspects of your business.

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A Trusted Import Export Company

Are you in the market for a knowledgeable export and import service provider with nearly 40 years of international offshore experience? Sun Fast International proudly serves a wide range of industrial and commercial OEMs throughout the United States, connecting them with offshore services that provide the first-class manufacturing options they need. We work with clients in all industries as a sourcing agent for China, Taiwan, and Pacific Rim-based manufacturing services. 

Global Solutions for Import Services and Export Services

Importing services and exporting services for industrial markets requires extensive knowledge of international laws that govern trade. Before making any final decisions regarding import and export business objectives, speaking with an established expert with experience in the international laws surrounding trade is vitally important. At Sun Fast, we provide the following global import and export solutions:

  • Knowledge of international trade laws
  • Understanding tariffs & currency exchange
  • Global market expertise
  • International shipping
  • Letters of credit
  • Legal documentation
  • Export & import management services
  • Supply sourcing
  • Logistics establishment
  • Material allocation
  • Procuring Quality engineering services
  • Kitting & packaging services
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Additional Offshore Sourcing Services

Our value-added services and strategic sourcing program will save you time and money in the production process—we do more of the work, so you won’t have to. At Sun Fast, we offer the following international offshore outsourcing service options:

  • Offshore sourcing & supply chain management
  • Turnkey project management
  • Logistics, shipping & distribution
  • Inventory management
  • Manufacturing consultation
  • Quality assurance

ISO 9001:2015 Certified Offshore Manufacturing Companies

At Sun Fast, our ISO 9001: 2015 Certification allows us to work exclusively with companies that reflect our ideals and work ethic. Whether you are looking to outsource to save costs on labor or material goods, our expert staff will work with you to connect you with an ISO 9001:2015 Certified company that delivers cost-effective solutions based on your company’s exact parameters and specifications.

Check out our Industrial Offshore Work Examples Here!

Partner with a Top Import Export Company Today

If your company would like to focus more exclusively on your products and less on the process and legalities surrounding the import-export business, then let Sun Fast International become your trusted import export agent.

To learn more, submit a project or give us a call at 714-680-8288, and we will gladly speak to you regarding your company objectives. At Sun Fast, we have the knowledge and connections that will allow you to focus exclusively on your product, leaving your import and export objectives to us.