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Industrial Manufacturing Sourcing Agent

Acquiring an industrial manufacturing sourcing agent for your business needs provides an effective way to leverage several key areas of international business. Whether you are looking to obtain a sourcing agent for multiple language communications, negotiation management, quality control, or shipping and logistics, Sun Fast provides numerous benefits that cannot be matched by international distributors.

At Sun Fast, our sourcing agents are highly trained industrial business administrators that understand the nuances of international business. Our sourcing agents will provide you with an international business plan that is suited to your company’s specific requirements. Whether you are currently weighing the advantages of a product sourcing agent over an international distributor, Sun Fast will assist you through the entire process.

Contact us for more information regarding the benefits of acquiring a sourcing agent for your industrial service and production needs, or call us at 714-680-8288 and we will gladly discuss your project options. Sun Fast is your trusted resource for highly knowledgeable international sourcing agents.

Direct Sourcing Agents for Your International Industrial Business Needs

It is inherently difficult and cost prohibitive to setup an industrial manufacturing facility in a foreign country. Successfully maneuvering foreign laws and bureaucratic red tape is extremely difficult and can result in an enormous fiscal regret. However, when you partner with Sun Fast, we take care of all the logistics so you can focus on running your business.

With 24-7 direct support our product sourcing agents remove the challenges of cultural barriers, language difficulties, and governmental laws and regulations, saving you time and money. International purchasing agents also perform unique duties that international distributors typically do not, these include:

  • Locating new products & suppliers
  • Manage negotiations
  • Translation
  • Buying
  • Quality control
  • Vast knowledge of manufacturing processes
  • Good understanding of suppliers’ capabilities and capacity
  • Shipping & logistics
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Industrial Sourcing Agent Advantages

There are a wide range of benefits associated with using a sourcing agent over an international distributor for the procurement of overseas resources. Some of the main advantages of using a product sourcing agent, include:

  • Employee Costs – The costs associated with training and housing your employees overseas is eliminated.
  • Opportunities – Sourcing agents can grasp and exploit a variety of benefits associated with the overseas market.
  • Built-In Working Relationships – An excellent sourcing agent will already have solid relationships with potential buyers and sellers.
  • Control – The use of a sourcing agent allows you to maintain more control over matters such as final price and brand image.

International Distributor Disadvantages

An international distributor generally purchases products at a wholesale price and then sells those products at a mark-up to turn a profit. Distributors provide a set range of ready-made inventory that is available for sale, but do not have many types of customization options to cater to individual needs. Some of the direct disadvantages of working with an international distributor include:

  • Expense – Distributors will often expect heavy discounts and generous credit terms in exchange for taking on trade related risks and burdens.
  • Loss of Control – You can often lose certain aspects of control to the distributor due to the deal structure.
  • Exclusivity – Distributors often require terms of exclusivity within their deal structures, which can be a disadvantage if the distributor does not end up being the right fit.

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All our overseas manufacturing facilities are regularly screened and audited to ensure that they meet our high standards of quality. We select the facility that is best suited to the manufacturing requirements of your product to give you the most efficient and most cost-effective option for your project. 

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