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Sun Fast International has numerous offshore strategic sourcing capabilities. We proudly offer comprehensive, turnkey project management to coordinate every aspect of the strategic sourcing process, from design and prototyping to full production, packaging, and shipping through our partners. We have the connections and contacts to provide offshore manufacturing and fabrication services for a wide range of products like metal castings and forgings, as well as stampings and other components. Understand our globally sourced offshore fabrication offerings and the benefits of globally sourcing offshore metal manufacturing.

Benefits of Using Outsourced Manufacturing

The decision to globally source offshore manufacturing for metal products offers several benefits. A significant advantage of offshore production is cost savings. Offshore manufacturing companies can be cost-effective in many areas, including material procurement and labor. With overseas manufacturing, freight costs may be lower or eliminated to get the materials you require.

Choosing strategically sourced offshore manufacturing may also increase the skill level and production capacity of your product. Domestic manufacturing may be experiencing a skill gap with the lack of employees viewing production as a viable career; however, overseas outsourced manufacturing is aware of the latest trends in production techniques as a valuable economic growth opportunity. Additionally, the importance of manufacturing in international countries supports increased production capacities.

Offshore Manufacturing Companies for Many Industries

Metal Castings

Sun Fast provides sourcing for sand casting, investment casting, and die casting in a broad range of metal materials. All castings are custom-made based on your design requirements. Whether your project needs small, simple parts or large, complex components, our globally sourced metal castings will match your exact specifications.


Via strategic sourcing, we can provide high-quality, high-strength forgings manufactured from carbon steel. Metal forgings from Sun Fast and our offshore manufacturing partners can be cold-headed or hot-forged, as designs require with complete quality inspections available.

Metal Stampings

Using single punch and progressive die stamping processes, our offshore manufacturing partners can produce precision metal stampings. Simple and complex components created from high-quality metals can be stamped to match your unique project requirements; material options include a wide variety of options, such as sheet metal and thicker metals.

CNC Machining

The metal sourcing partners of Sun Fast utilize computer-controlled CNC machining equipment to provide high-precision, tight-tolerance machining. Both from-scratch products and prefabricated through other offshore processes can be machined to match your desired specifications.

Wire Forms and Springs

We offer strategic global sourcing for offshore metal fabrications, including custom wire forms and springs. A range of materials are available to meet your design and operational requirements. All wire forms and springs are manufactured to customer specifications, able to achieve tolerances for small, intricate parts for electronics as well as large, simple automotive springs.


Our offshore partners provide bending, forming, punching, assembly, plating, painting, and more for metal tube parts and components. All tubing is custom-fabricated to match your design requirements and can be manufactured from a variety of metal materials to meet your needs.

Plastic Injection Molding and Products

In addition to metal fabrications, our offshore partners offer complete plastic injection molding and product assembly capabilities. For high-quality plastic solutions, our offshore manufacturing partners can produce plastic-and-metal parts and components to match your designs exactly. Precision molding processes and CNC-controlled equipment ensure that each and every product meets your requirements for fit, form, and function.

Contact Sun Fast for Quality Offshore Manufacturing

With Sun Fast, all of our overseas manufacturing facilities are regularly screened and audited to ensure that they meet our high standards of quality. We will select a facility that is best suited to the manufacturing requirements of your product to give you the most efficient and cost-effective option for your project.

Contact Sun Fast International today to learn more about our offshore manufacturing companies and strategic sourcing capabilities.