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Industrial Importing & Exporting Services Guide

Having a background in business, international relations, or global finance provides a basic understanding of the countless hoops and quandaries that a business must navigate prior to selling or buying a product from an overseas supplier. Whether it’s value engineering, supply sourcing, product pricing, locating customers, or establishing logistics, our offshore importing and exporting outsourcing services guide will assist you in making an informed decision based on your business needs.

To avoid the costs and hassle associated with dealing with import legalities, companies often hire an import export service provider like Sun Fast International. Along with our premier offshore metal manufacturing services, we are an expert outsourcing import export service company that can quickly and effectively solve your international import concerns.

Offshore Importing & Exporting Advantages

The importation of products from other countries involves the ability to understand and follow many types of domestic and international laws that govern the way products are imported into the United States. Companies that take solely on this challenge often require a full-time staff and outside legal expertise to navigate the specifications that surround export import logistics management.

Understanding the Global Market

Having a background in business, international relations, or global finance provides a basic understanding of the countless hoops and quandaries that a business must navigate prior to selling or buying a product from an overseas supplier.

Understanding Tariffs & Currency Exchange

Having a good grasp of tariffs and currency exchange is a large factor in understanding the global market. Suppliers will typically quote us in US dollars, which provides a simplified approach to negotiations. Price adjustments will often be made due to exchange rates. 

Instead of handling the headaches of tariff codes and currency exchange internally, Sun Fast assists industrial companies throughout the United States with these difficult negotiations. Sourcing can involve multiple countries with exchange rates varying weekly. Sun Fast stays on top of these changes to assist with internal operations, including governances in foreign countries vs domestic regulations. 

Product List

Once you have a product or several products in mind, it is important to identify the correct market in which to sell it. Once this is established, a supply chain needs to be created. Sun Fast will utilize your CAD and solid work 3D files to comprise a final product list that we will use to find an offshore manufacturer that meets or exceeds your needs.

Value Engineering & Material Allocation

When it comes to outsourcing reliable importing and exporting services the ability to successfully procure high quality, value-based engineering is a huge advantage. Value engineering provides an understanding of what the cost should be. We can offer different manufacturing processes and finishes to acquire the best possible pricing. 

At Sun Fast, we will look at your prototype and determine the best option for your offshore outsourcing needs. Whether it’s obtaining high quality materials at a fair price or securing value-based engineering services, reliable international importing and exporting services can propel your company to the next level.

Supply Sourcing

Import and export services rely on trusted suppliers to provide the necessary goods to create your product. Having extremely good relationships with your suppliers is vital to the overall success of your business.

Establishing Logistics

The most complex aspect of the importing and exporting process involves the logistics and strategy of providing a consistent product to the consumer, without hassle or delay. This part of the process involves many people and businesses and can often become a daunting and overwhelming task to a sole person or company at large.

With warehouses on both the west and east coasts, Sun Fast can reduce domestic transportation cost. We can have your container shipped to our strategically placed facility in Indiana which provides additional cost savings for your company. 

Kitting & Packaging Services

Once you provide your desired packaging design, we will work with our suppliers to provide custom color options that can enhance your company’s branding and marketing strategy. Installation and barcoding can also be incorporated, minimizing the time consuming tasks of your company.

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At Sun Fast, we have the knowledge and connections that will allow you to focus exclusively on your product, leaving the export import logistics management to us.