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Outsourced Manufacturing Assembly, Kitting & Packaging Services

Businesses that require full turnkey assembly, kitting, and packaging solutions turn to international outsourced manufacturing for their project needs. Assembly, kitting, and packaging services that are fully outsourced provide significant advantages over domestic in-house production including quicker turnarounds, lower overhead costs, and reduced employee wages.

At Sun Fast, we provide high quality outsource manufacturing finishing services for your assembly, kitting, and packaging needs. Our trusted overseas partners have the resources and capabilities to achieve your production goals, providing quick turnarounds based on your project’s exact requirements.

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Outsourced Manufacturing Assembly, Kitting & Packaging Service Options

At Sun Fast, our goal is to get your business where it needs to be quicker and more cost-effectively than through standard in-house production methods. We understand that providing in-house assembly, kitting, and packaging services can be tremendously expensive. That’s why we’ve teamed with the most qualified international outsource manufacturers in the world. Our job is to make your job easier, less time consuming, and more profitable.


Sun Fast provides full-scale assembly services to match your kitting and packaging needs. No matter how complex or simple your assembly demands are, our international partners have the knowledge and resources to provide the assembly services your business requires. Working with an outsourcing partner for your assembly service needs provides lower labor costs, reduced overhead, and more time to focus on other aspects of your business.


Sun Fast’s outsource manufacturing kitting services provides a convenient and cost-effective way to combine SKUs for your customers. By combining different SKUs into a single SKU through our outsourced manufacturing partnerships your customers will benefit from complete order fulfillment and shipment without having to lift a finger.


Our global partners can provide packaging tailored to your specific parts and components. Whether it’s adding barcodes to kit packages, assigning specific-colored boxes per product type, or palletizing for immediate shipment, Sun Fast has your packaging needs covered.

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