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Shipping Container Locking System Design Assistance – Success Story

A shipping container’s locking system is one of its most important functionalities. The design, engineering, and manufacturing of the locking mechanisms must be precise to ensure structural integrity and security. Through the study and implementation of different types of offshore metal manufacturing processes, we accurately established which method best suited the specific needs of our customer’s shipping container locking systems.

This collaborative approach between the shipping container company, Sun Fast, and Sun Fast’s offshore metal manufacturing partners has led to an ongoing business relationship that has flourished over many years.

The Problem: Shipping Container Locking Mechanism Design was Outdated & Expensive

Having worked together for many years, a highly regarded storage container company approached Sun Fast to provide a streamlined approach to the manufacturing of their shipping container’s locking mechanisms. The shipping container company decided to change the overall design of their locking systems, which required a complete overhaul of their existing production methods.

The Solution: Establishing a Streamlined Approach for Shipping Container Locking Mechanism Design & Fabrication

Sun Fast was able to work with the shipping container company and connect them with an offshore metal manufacturing facility that provided design assistance for their shipping container locking system needs. Sun Fast’s offshore metal manufacturing partners ultimately concluded that the design of the bar stock utilized within the locking mechanism needed to be rounded off instead of squared.

Providing Successful Results Through Offshore Metal Casting & Design Assistance

By improving the company’s container locking system design, Sun Fast was able to gain the shipping container company’s trust. This opened the door to future projects including implementing a centralized distribution facility, which established an effective hub for the housing and shipping of customer product orders.

Sun Fast’s knowledge and expertise in offshore metal manufacturing, design assistance, and international trade distribution provided a successful way for a large shipping container manufacturing company to save over $1,000,000, while also increasing product delivery speeds to customers throughout the United States.

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